Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire: The Quest Is Yet To End...

Much water has flown under the bridge and many a remarks, comments, compliments and opinions thrown about in the aftermath of Danny Boyle's take on life in a Mumbai slum, Slumdog Millionaire.
The movie is winning awards left right and centre and is headed to Oscars, with a hefty recommendation in the form of the Golden Globes.
However, the land, where the Slumdog Millionaire was born, is witnessing a debate of a different kind.
In this debate, one side is accusing Boyle of shamelessly cashing in on the poverty-stricken underbelly of India and not showing a more balanced and positive view of the country, which, by all means, is one of the leading economies of the world.
The other side is defending Slumdog by saying that the movie deals with truth and optimism and it is showing what already exists in the country.
The verdict is not yet out as the discussion goes on: over blogs, in the newspapers, on television channels, inside living rooms, on office balconies, inside buses and cars.
Everyone has something or the other to say, So, I thought, why not get together my blogger friends and have our own SAY in this matter.
So, the field is open, anyone wanting to have a say on this matter, is welcome to put his or her remarks, comments, opinion on whether "Slumdog Millionaire is biased because it has chosen to be selective in its portrayal of reality or does it actually show the audience, worldwide and in India, a true picture of slum life in the country?"
The discussion is open to all and anyone who wants to have their say can do so by putting in their remarks in the comments section and taking part in the poll survey that I have put up on the left hand side of the blog, just below the Blog Archive section.
I would be keeping a tab of the discussion and would put up the comments and counter-comments on the blog for everyone's perusal from time to time.
Thank You!!


Old Lady Lincoln said...

I have no idea what to say about the movie. I was glad it won some awards. And every country has a slum area in their larger cities and it always seems a shame this happens, but it does. Just like we also have homeless people and people going hungry in this country. Which shouldn't be happening but it does. We also have some that could but won't help themselves to a better life, since their parents and grandparents led the same kind of life. So these people live on welfare and handouts. Then we have some that need help because of disabilities or sickness and can't seem to find anyplace that will help them.

Today we're having snow, ice and more snow. Most schools in the area are closed. Wind is picking up, so that means' we'll be having large snow drifts soon.

Hope you're having a good day.

Deepak Barua said...

If our very own citizens are feeling that Director should not have shown India's underbelly,If they learn something positive from this film to improve, if our very own so called politicians come forward and take ownership, then I am with all Indians who say director has cashed on India's slums.
But if its just for debate, then in future few more director's will come, will make another slum dog and we Indians will again start same debate.