Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hi There!!!!!!!!

First time that I will be writing something in the public domain. Although, writing comes naturally to me (sounds boastful????) I have never written on a blog before. However, it seems to be the flavour of the season these days, what with everyone from movie stars, cricketers, politicians and common people, like us, using the medium to get out of their systems what they cannot keep contained. Come to think of it, blogging really does help one get over a lot of things, without actually finding someone to speak to. Probably that is why, Aamir Khan could go "OUT OF HIS WAY" to make the readers understand how he was spending his free time with a dog called "SHAHRUKH" without running the risk of facing someone's wrath over it. Well, coming back to blogging, life is full of myriad aspects, some worthy of being written of and some not so worthy, but still written about. So, it is with this profound (dare I say) observation that I take my first step into the world of blogs and hope to have a good time here......


Priyanka Khot said...


Finally you make an appearance on the blog scene! Kudos!

Hope to read more from your Kalam :-)

vrittant said...

ladies and gentlemen!!! bring your hands together for the QC Queen!!!!