Monday, May 19, 2008

Mausam Mastana!!!!!!!

"Rimjhim Ke Taraane Le Ke Aayi Barsaat....." Most of the Delhiwallahs must be singing this song on Monday as weather turned a noble eye on us. Just when the Delhiites were fuming over the rising mercury, the rain god decided to bless us with a good dose of shower. Monday blues were washed off by an erratic spray of rain over various parts of the national capital even as officer-goers, students, etc prepared for their week ahead. the change was welcome and so was the fall in temperature. this makes one sit up and notice that the global warming is really making the weather behave in a strange manner. however, the mere mortals like us, who prefer to live a day at a time, would not be found wasting their time thinking of such inane topics as long as we are enjoying the weather at its best. Garmi mein sardi ka mazaa is always welcome, isnt it??? moreover, it helps us keep our cool if there is a little rain falling down outside the window as we deal with heaps of work at office (i can already see some of the heads nodding). well, that is how it should be? but, unfortunately, it doesn't. Tomorrow is just another day when we might have to brace ourselves against the scorching sun as we venture out in search of livelihood, education, shopping or, just life.......

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