Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sarhad Ke Us Paar!!!!

Hi friends!
You all must be wondering what is this thing on the left. well, it is the picture of a bus (beautifully bedecked) from across the border, i.e., Pakistan. This is no unique vehicle, because throughout the Pakistan part of (PoK), this is a common mode of transport, which also adds a dash of to the lives of people living there. Observe the kind of frills attached to the bus and the use of bright colours, it seems as if not a bus but an embellished belle is coming up the road. The ornaments of the bus are proof enough that its owner must really be in love with his vehicle, which is not only a source of his livelihood but also his means of existence. Do let me know what u think of it......


Priyanka Khot said...

I loved this photo!

Really want to go to the state that is called the crown of the country. Mainly because I have heard loads of stories from my mom about the place when she visited it almost 30 years ago.

Thanks for the pic... it is beautiful.

Anu said...

Beautiful pic!
I've never seen a bus like this one. I've seen a bus adorned like this in a Hindi movie song (with Jeetendra & Asha Parekh in it). Cant remember the song now.