Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Last evening, I paid a visit to the "world-famous" Janpath (translated, it means "People's Road") market and came back with more than the shopping bags full of books, bags, chappals and other knick-knacks. Long after I had sifted through my loot of the day and stashed them away for future use, I just reminisced as to why was it almost always a more satisfying and rewarding experience to sift through the open market stalls than it was inside an air-conditioned mall.
Does it have something to do with the age-old human trait, because our ancestors have been dealing like this only, putting up their wares with least of pretentions, just like these are and the customers have been equally non-fussy to select their choice, buy it, have it packed and move on, to the next stall. Well, that is some food for thought but not now ;)
This time, I just want to talk of that gem of an open market called Janpath, which is etched in the heart and mind of every Delhiite as well as anyone coming here on a visit, whether brief or long.
The market is crowded to the hilt on most days and although, the general perception is that it is a favourite with the college crowd and tourists only, I have myself seen aunties, uncles, even grannies, coming in to pick up whatever caught their fancy.
It only helps that the market is located just next door to Connaught Place, which in itself is an all-season place to be in for all age and groups.
You come across real gems of bargains while scouring goods in these markets, i am sure many of the fellow readers would agree with me. Whether it is the sellers or the buyers, each one is trying hard to outdo the other in bargaining. Therefore, it doesnt matter whether you paid Rs 25 for a book, whose beginning price was qouted at Rs 500, the shopkeeper will still be a satisfied man because his margin is already calculated out of the product. Smart marketing, that is!!!
In fact, Delhi boasts of many such markets, which sell everything from books, readymade clothes, electronic items, shoes, watches, household knick-knacks to every imaginable commodity.
But that I will save for the next! For now, I can vouch for one fact and that is shopping never tastes as scrumptious as in an open market and for me, Janpath is just the right choice.


Kris said...

My wife would love to get her hands on all that cloth!

Priyanka Khot said...

I too love Janpath... it is a place where i cultivated loads of memories with school friends, college mates and other friends as well.

yamini said...

Hey Priyanka, believe me, while writing this piece, you were the only one coming to my mind because as you say, CP is like a second home to you. Hope you keep enjoying the place forever.