Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When will we change?

Hi there,
Been away for long yet again. no use making excuses, so I will come to the point right away.
The winter is setting in with chilled air and welcoming sunlight. America recently voted a black man to the White House and the world rejoiced along with the Americans in their turning point in history. We all followed the presidential campaign earnestly, however we might deny it. It was a campaign, which we could learn a lot from.
Right from Obama's Kenyan descent to his skin colour, from american population's trust in Obama to his rival John McCain's speech after the results were announced. We should also be able to overlook the caste, religion, creed, social status while indulging in a political campaign. However, unfortunately, election campaigns in India are centred around these things only and in their worst forms.
The latest example would be that of MNS chief Raj Thackeray launching a tirade against North Indians in Mumbai, whatever his argument might be!
Well, a lot to learn then and hoping things would only be better in the coming elections....

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