Sunday, November 30, 2008

Terror Strikes Again!!!!

I feel ashamed, violated, disturbed, anguished, disgusted, pained, grieved and much much more because of the recent terror strike in Mumbai, which left scores dead and even more wounded while rest of the public aghast.

As the Taj Hotel, the Oberoi Trident and the Nariman House raged with gun battles, explosions, fire and deaths, the only question reverberating through my brain was why should we suffer like this for no fault of ours?

Why are we subjected to this violating humiliation year after year, day after day, minute after minute, while these good-for-nothing politicians keep up their charade of sympathy for the public while at their heart, they are as clueless about what is going on in the country as the man on the street?

Terrorists, who strike at innocents on streets, take women and children hostage and kill without remorse or guilt, have been an almost accepted part of the life in states like Jammu and Kashmir. However, what enrages me is that instead of curbing their reach and presence, almost nothing has been done to prevent them from spreading their deadly tentacles to other cities of the country.

Although, there are some indications that things might be different this time and I am not talking about the political reshuffle, resignation of the Home Minister, talks about Maharashtra CM being shunted out, etc, etc. All this political white-wash makes me feel sick, really.

I am talking about the public outpouring that one has seen, in the form of blogs coming up to denounce violence of all kind, keeping terrorism separate from religion, taking the responsible politicians to task and, last but not the least, the angry outburst of the martyred Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's father against the Kerala Chief Minister Achuthanandan, who was not allowed to enter the slain commando's house.

Things might really be changing now, as we saw in the unprecedented percentage of voters coming out to cast their vote in the elections, in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Kashmir and other parts of the country. Perhaps now, people have realised the real value of their ballot and may be now we will see an honest leadership emerging at the helm, which would not allow its people to bleed to death while the terrorists, after being arrested, are allowed to live on inside the jails.

I dont know how much of it is going to stay on and how much of it we are going to forget, but this time, i am sure, we cannot afford to let go of the lessons that the Mumbai strikes have taught us because next time, we might not be alive to regret that.....

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